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Choose the Perfect Area Rug For Any Room! December 07 2016 | by Rug Expedition

Choosing a perfect rug can make any room look its best. Done with the right forethought, the rug can make any makeover project a success. Whether your trying to add comfort and warmth to a room, inspire a casual and relaxing atmosphere, or simply trying to a show your unique style; Choosing the Perfect Rug is a must!

The first step in choosing your rug is to determine which size is ideal by using items around the house, which can help you figure out exactly size you need. Take some masking tape and outline the area to help visualize the ideal size, then use a measuring tape to measure and match the size of rug desired. Placing a clean bed-sheet on the floor can also help to visualize what you think would look best. It is always good to Keep in mind the shape of the room and placement around furniture. For example, if you are choosing a rug for your round breakfast table, make sure to choose a round rug, which will help keep everything cohesive.

For your Dining Room:
It is essential to make sure the rug is big enough. The ideal size for a dining room rug is to make sure that it is at least 2 feet wider on all sides of the table. Have the rug accommodate the chairs surrounding the table, so there enough space for the chairs to be placed on the rug at all times is a must. Every guest should be able to pull out their chair while it still remains on the rug.

For your Living Room:
Typically using a square or rectangular rug in a Living Room area helps make the space feel natural and relaxing. It is ideal for the rug to accommodate and enhance the décor while not competing with everything else. For rooms with wood or tile floors, keep between 6 to 24 inches of the bare floor visible. This helps maximize the visual appeal by tying together the room's floor and décor.

For your Bedroom:
For bedrooms, you really have a lot more room to design the layout in order match your unique style. This helps create the most relaxing and intimate environment in the house. Typically,  Interior Designers prefer to have bedroom rugs large enough to fit under the bed with about 2 -3 feet clearance on each side. This is done so that your feet touch a soft rug, instead of the floor, when getting out of bed. However, some recent trends include buying a runner for both sides of the bed, while having an 4X6, 5X8, or 6X9 foot rug at the foot of the bed, depending on the size of the room.

There really is no decor “rules” you should follow when personalizing your living room, dining room, and bedroom. Express your style freely to help make these rooms the most comfortable in your home!