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Decorate Like A Professional October 13 2016 | by Rug Expedition

Do you wish you had the decorating expertise of a professional? Or, maybe you feel a little overwhelmed by not being exactly sure where to start your decorating project? No problem!

Here are some simple tips and tricks that can help you reach you goals:

1. Start with your entryway: Properly decorating your entryway can improve not only the first impressions of future guests but can also lift your spirits as you enter your home.

- Keeping your front porch swept clean

- Having some well-manicured potted plans

- Installing an illuminating entryway light

- And choosing the perfect door welcome mat can reflect that your home is as inviting as you are!

2. Let the natural light in: Lighting can make or break any decorating project! That’s why it’s almost impossible to go wrong with letting the natural lighting brighten your project. By using natural light to your advantage, you will allow your home to have an “energized” feel in the daytime. In the evening, use ambient lighting to help bring a relaxing atmosphere to your home.

3. Pick the Perfect Rug: Use area rugs in every room to help bring your decorating projects together! Adding the perfect rug to every room can raise the comfort level of your Home. It is key to choose rugs that are large enough for each room. Don’t forget that often times the most trafficked areas of your home are your kitchen and bathrooms, so adding the luxury of your perfect rug for these areas can take your decorating skills to a whole different level!

4. Arrange your furniture properly: Cluttered rooms with furniture against the walls can make even the nicest living rooms look restrictive. This is why you should move your furniture away from the walls and re-arrange your furniture to a position towards the center of the room. This will help keep traffic and the flow of a room “open.” Consider setting a second seating area or reading area for larger rooms.

5. Use artwork to your advantage: Displaying well-placed art to your walls can really make your living room stand above the rest! Always remember to keep the right scale of artwork to match your room. Oversized pictures can throw the symmetry of a room “off-balance”, which could detract from the vision you want to create. Placing pictures or paintings at eye level is a must, and most professionals would never hang any artwork or picture higher than the height of top of your doorways. Please remember: “Simplicity is Elegance!”

These simple and easy changes can really help make a big impact, while helping you reach your goals. When you are done with your project, we would love for you to share your successful decorating projects by sending us some pictures!